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Illustrator Restore Toolbox

Opens corrupted illustrations of AI supported format and gets back all items from corrupted Illustrator files, used
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27 September 2013

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This tool is able to restore corrupt Adobe Illustrator files.

Any data file gets corrupted because of, typically, viruses, software issues and other problems. Same can happen to Illustrator files too. When that happens, you can lose a lot of work. Re-doing the design is usually very painful; instead recovery of the file is an easier alternative. Recovery process usually includes an analysis phase. The way this tool is designed, it will be very easy for end users to get this phase started easily. It will not require any particular technical skill on the part of the user. The services offered is irrespective of the version of the Adobe Illustrator tool that generated the file. It will provide a view into recovered data and let the user decide if it is worth saving after the analysis phase. If the user agrees, a completely new file will be created for saving the recovered data. This way the original file is not touched.

When starting, you will need to specify the source file. The progress bars available tell you how exactly the recovery is progressing. Besides the analog progress, it tells you how many graphic elements in how many layers have been recovered. An output file path will have to be specified when actually saving the data. The data saving cannot be done in the trial version but the paid and registered version only. This too has a progress bar showing how’s the saving operation happening. What is most important through is the availability of logs. In case of problems, the event logs will provide clues to what caused a problem. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

Try Illustrator Restore Toolbox if you encounter data corruption issues, affecting Adobe Illustrator documents and get back corrupted information within minutes. This software is exactly what you are looking for to stand against data corruption threats, caused by user mistakes, software errors and hardware failures. The size of Illustrator Restore Toolbox is less than a megabyte and its evaluation is absolutely free, besides the installation file of this program is compatible with all versions of Adobe Illustrator tool so there is no need to worry about possible compatibility problems. This program works offline and protects the privacy of personal information by performing all operations offline, without the physical connection to Internet and other external services of recovery. Moreover, this tool works with copies of AI files in use so there is no risk of damaging the structure of input documents. Check the efficiency of Illustrator Restore Toolbox by installing this program on your own computer and testing the performance of AI file restoration, it does not usually take a lot of time due to the ease of Illustrator Restore Toolbox interface. The same step by step sequence is applied to restore corrupted AI documents so you may open this tool for evaluation and check the efficiency of analysis on any computer, it is the easiest way out if you are pressed in time. Free version of Illustrator Restore Toolbox permits evaluating how it works and get to know how much data can be restored in your personal case. As soon as the analysis is over, you may compare this information with the original state of input document and get to know if you can really restore this file, in this case your copy of Illustrator Restore Toolbox should be registered to remove its restrictions. In general, you may get back corrupted documents within several minutes.
Illustrator Restore Toolbox
Illustrator Restore Toolbox
Version 1.0
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